Pom To The People

2 October - 31 October 2017

We’ve partnered with Stitch-Up for October, who will be delivering a series of unique Pom Pom making workshops alongside an interactive exhibition.

This new ‘happiness project’ will bring people together to have fun and spread positive messages through making, sharing and turning waste into wonderful things, while all the yarn used will be either factory waste, donated or recycled.

As well as pom pom making, we will also be opening up discussions about simply what makes you happy and collecting your favourite positive words and phrases, with the favourites being turned into giant Pom Pom masterpieces, displayed in the space for all to see.

The exhibition will be open to everyone, if you can’t make it down or attend a session you can send us in your words and poms.

A limited edition #Pomtothepeople making kit from Stitch-Up will also be available.

Use hashtag #pomtothepeople on Twitter and Instagram.


#POMTOTHEPEOPLE #POMTOTHEPEOPLE #POMTOTHEPEOPLE Pom to the People The Gallery at 164, October 2017 #POMTOTHEPEOPLE Workshops with Stitch-Up at 164 #POMTOTHEPEOPLE Workshops with Stitch-Up at 164 #POMTOTHEPEOPLE Workshops with Stitch-Up at 164


Stitch-Up is a yarn and craft studio in Leeds.


Admission is free

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
8am - 6pm

Thursday & Friday
8am - 6pm

10am - 5pm

Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays