These Northern Types

23 August - 15 September 2018

These Northern Types is a typographic exploration of Northern identity, bringing together type design, experimental production methods, public engagement, and written word by local writers, poets, academics and musicians to ask some big, sometimes awkward questions about the essence of what it is to be ‘a Northerner‘.

This series of artworks examine aspects of how our culture is informed by where we live – from the origin of the famous Yorkshire grit, making do and mending and what we put on our chips, to the potential that a strong sense of regional identity has in creating cultural divisions.

In an age of ever-easier access to global travel, communication and information, does where we live even matter all that much any more?

Exhibition & Book Launch

The culmination of 18 months’ work, this exhibition brings together the full collection of works and writing, and coincides with the launch of the ‘These Northern Types‘ book. The exhibition will be on display in the gallery and at our Munro House neighbours, Colours May Vary, between 23 August and 15 September 2018. The book will launch on 24 August at 6pm, all are welcome.

To find out more about the exhibition and book launch check out #TheseNorthernTypes on Twitter and Instagram.


These Northern Types

About Split®

Thanks to the support of Leeds 2023, Split – the creators of this project – have had the opportunity to develop These Northern Types into a project unlike anything they’ve undertaken before.

Split are a small creative-led design studio based in Leeds.

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