Pop-Up Pop-Art – The Exhibition

22 September - 3 October 2015

Step into a brightly coloured box and let the pop-art fun and games begin.

We’ve taken the classic ‘photo booth’ concept and re-worked it into a piece of pop-art installation, to be played with on the first floor of Harvey Nichols for a 3 day pop-up bonanza!

Visitors to the booth can ‘curate’ an image, (starring themselves) by choosing from a variety of different visual options, all created in a pop-art style.

They can choose from a series of Lichtenstein inspired backgrounds, from carefully chosen Harvey Nichols products re-imagined as cartoon items, and of course giant speech and thought bubbles to create a ‘tableaux’ of their choice.

They then step into the booth, and become the star of the image! This is then captured by us, and printed instantaneously for them as a bespoke piece of art!

This interactive booth will be stationed on the first floor of Harvey Nichols from Friday 18 – Sunday 20 September. Follow #popuppopartleeds to see all the pop art fun and games.

It will then pop-up in the Gallery from Tuesday 22 September – Saturday 3 October for a 2 week pop-up installation where all visitors to the Gallery can come and be snapped!



Sorry the gallery is now permanently closed