Grief Series: What is Left

4 July 2012

What is Left is a participatory portraiture project by Leeds-based artist Ellie Harrison and photographer Roshana Rubin Mayhew in collaboration with 50 members of the public.

Working with individuals, community groups and bereavement charities, Ellie and Roshana have generate 50 portraits with corresponding texts in collaboration with the participants.

Photographed in their own homes with objects they have inherited from lost loved ones, the project explores the value we invest in these, both monetary and emotional, and the ways in which these objects mediate our relationships with the dead through memory.

Ellie and Roshana have been working with participants since April 2012 and have created 11 portraits and texts  to be shared with the public, as well as a group of artists, clinicians, bereavement charities and interest groups.

This exhibition/event is one of two showings in Leeds and Manchester aimed at creating an informal space to view the outcomes of the project so far, feedback thoughts and find out more about the future of What is Left and The Grief Series.

Ronald Searle Remembered continues as before from 5 July 2012.


For further information about the project please visit the Grief Series website.

Sorry the gallery is now permanently closed