Abigail Aaron – Songs

5 November - 5 December 2018

Abigail Aaron is an artist who has currently graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at Leeds Arts University. She focuses predominantly on abstraction, using acrylic paint and pastels as her main mediums. Abigail’s art is a form of visual storytelling interested in conveying spirituality through paint by colour lines, and layers and mark making. Inspired by spirituality and religious texts, She has an interest in creating an abstract narrative from these texts and creates paintings based on them.

About the work, from Abigail:

My work is a personal reflection on spirituality through exploring my faith and turning scripture into abstract paintings. I choose to communicate my interpretations through layers of overlapping acrylic paint, charcoal and mixed media expressing abstract mark making through colour and line. Each mark represents scripture and spirituality in a way that can evoke an emotional response.


Abigail AaronAbigail AaronAbigail AaronAbigail AaronAbigail AaronAbigail Aaron

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