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164 has been bringing sandwich joy to the people of Leeds since 1994, and at our eat-in café since 2011.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly create and innovate in food, events and art to give people an experience that goes beyond just having lunch. With creativity at the heart of our operations and quality of our food and drink at the forefront, we are passionate about feeding people with good food, in a space that is constantly changing and always interesting.

How do we do this?

We make sure that the quality of our food and drink is top notch. We create a space that is welcoming with super friendly staff. We cultivate and maintain genuine relationships, and we collaborate with like-minded people.

So what’s the point, Why do we do what we do?

Integrity, quality, originality.

We create and innovate with our food and events to maintain our commitment to quality, to build a heritage of our own that can in turn contribute to a sustainable community. We do this to empower people and create important careers which then build into long standing relationships.

We believe in good food and atmosphere, all the time!


Matt Ferguson Retrospective Exhibition at The Gallery at 164, September 2018

Our Food

A daily selection of delicious ciabatta and focaccia sandwiches is the basis of our lunch offering, alongside hearty soups, delicious salads and a wonderful range of sweet treats too. We use locally sourced ingredients where possible, and our suppliers are fellow independent businesses. We also have gluten free and vegan options readily available too.

Our Coffee

We serve espresso based coffees from a variety of local and UK independent roasters. We have 3 blends of coffee available and these are regularly rotated, showcasing the coffees at their seasonal best.  Favourites include North Star Roast (Leeds), Bruce and Luke’s (Cumbria), Casa Espresso (Bradford), Maude (Leeds) and direct-trade Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. Our milk is organic, and we have soya and almond milk options available too.

Our People

Most of us hail from creative backgrounds, brought together by our collective love of good food, coffee and collaboration.

Catering & Local Delivery

The Café offers catering to local businesses, for more information please contact us.

You can also visit the catering page for details of menus, delivery and pricing.